Xorcist (E-Book)


Exorcist relieves the person of evil spirit, that has been tormenting the person.

Wherever freedom is sought, an exorcist resides, waiting.

An exorcist primarilyย conducts rituals of sacrifice.

To help leave behind that which has surpassed its time, thus making the experiences of existence sour, malignant: evil; for a fresh new start to come and shower bliss plus blessings and make them embrace the joys of self-exploration.

To exit a life well lived and enter another that awaits one or vice versa, which is defined as human existence.

The result of the ritual is always the same. The feeling is uplifting, no matter what.


Some exorcists breathe life into their subjects whilst others take your breath away, and then sometimes they do both simultaneously, making the vessel –ย  reset.

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