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"Happy Authors"

I was pleased with the welcoming spirit of Poets’ Choice, and was honored to have my work included in their Global Warming anthology.

- Samantha Terrell

Poet’s Choice is very easy to navigate and they offer an abundance of themes to submit to!

- Maya Jacyszyn

It’s both an honor and a privilege to have some my work appear along some of the best writers across the world here at Poet’s Choice. Although I have not used their publishing services for a title of my own yet, the amount of care and dedication that goes into each collection they create is phenomenal. I’ve enjoyed the journey so far and I am very much so, looking forward to submitting more of my work to future collections 

- Kewayne Wadley

Being a part of the Poets’ Choice community has been such a blessing. When reading through the many writers, I am humbled to be in such incredible company. The team behind thr magazine is nothing short of spectacular. That is, nothing short of blessed.

- Daude Teel

Publishing with Poet’s Choice was an easy process and ever since I’ve got to watch the website grow. I look forward to seeing where they end up in the future.

- Mea Andrews

Many thanks to Akshay and to Free Spirit for publishing both my prose/poem and my short story. During the past few years, I have worked to get by many writing blocks, and Free Spirits acceptance of my work is an honor and an inspiration. These days I am living in Northern California with my wife and my German Shepherd. I am continuing to write about my family, growing up in Philadelphia, moving to New York City, then to San Francisco. Although I didn’t plan on writing a book, the work on my life with dogs, seems to have taken a spirit of it’s own. I look forward to continuing working with Free Spirit and Poets Choice.

- George Lister

I am honored to have my poetry book The Truth I Must Invent published by Poets’ Choice. I have enjoyed working with publisher Akshay Sonthalia to bring the book to life and promote it. I also like the fact that Poets’ Choice is an international company and my work may find its way to readers around the world.

-Francis DiClemente

Working with Poet’s Choice was excellent and easy. Akshay is helpful and honest, and he explains every part of the process clearly. Plus, I was given creative control while putting the book together.

-Adam Webb

I published my books with Free Spirit and Poets Choice while I was serving in the United States military. It took me a year to write and submit my novel. In a total span of three years I wrote all the poems for my book of poetry. This hard work is the reason that I have a job writing for the University of Texas at Arlington in the College of Business.

-Jeremiah Valentine

Poet’s Choice has been a joy to work with. Their work is excellent and communication is quick and convenient. They are one of the best poetry publishers anywhere in the world.

-Lucas Carpenter

Poets Choice’s editors and employees are professional and effective. Through the publishing process they have been responsive to my needs as an author, been open in their communication and have taken significant steps to promote my book.

-Michael Shoemaker

Early in 2023 a number of my poems had been accepted by Poet’s Choice for inclusion in their anthology collections. It wouldn’t be until the end of the year that I would be made aware that the mishandling of my submissions by someone I had employed to manage that aspect of the process led to the royalty payment being made to their PayPal account instead of my own. While I didn’t get into this line of work for the riches, it was still disheartening to learn of that success being out of my grasp to utilize in the continued promotion of my work. Thankfully, when I reached out to Akshay Sonthalia in early of 2024, I found them to be both understanding and incredibly gracious in their time with rectifying the issue. Not only did they help me to sort through the confusion, but I found that same week an actual physical check had been made in my name which makes it that much easier to show signs of recognition of the upward arc of this creative journey I have found myself on. As is oft said, it isn’t so much circumstance itself that dictates character but what is done with it. I found Poet’s Choice as a company to be upstanding in their business and noble in their goals. I feel doubly blessed for my poems to have found home with them and whole-heartedly endorse them as a publishing company seeking to share the hard work of so many with as much of the world as possible.

-N. L. H. Hattam

I cannot express enough gratitude to the team at Poet’s Choice for giving me the opportunity to reach more readers by featuring me in their anthologies and compiling some of my most important pieces into their own book. Chrysalis is something I dreamed of, but always thought would be just out of reach. Thanks to Poet’s Choice, I am able to reach you today and I am in awe of how powerful that is. I hope this book speaks to you, and that you in turn share it with someone else who needs it. 

-Alecia Page

Akshay and his team are very passionate and meticulous regarding the publishing experience. They approach their profession as art, much in the same way writers do. Akshay is meticulous and detail-oriented and sets a high standard for himself for his authors. He cares about the person as much as the product, and I consider him a friend as well as a partner.

-Dr. Michael Roberts