Blue Collar (E-book)


Blue Collar: A Powerful Collection of Short Stories


A hand-picked set of stories, Blue Collar, is a fascinating compilation of real stories, experiences, and inspiring wisdom from a diverse group of writers from around the world. The stories offer genuine insight into the lives of people who work with their hands – often called “blue-collar” workers. Readers will find inspiration in the words of these authors, who share their triumphs and struggles in an honest and authentic way.


Hereโ€™s a sample of the stories you will find:


  • A Knee in the Tailbone – Kelly DeLong.
  • All-New – Jayna Locke.
  • Delivering the Mail with Elvis – Danielle Potter.
  • Lost and Found – Jasmine Marshall Armstrong
  • Today I go to Bear Mountain – Micah E. Weiss
  • Warehouse Worker – Kelly DeLong
  • Whip it on me – Jim Leo Reilly


And much more!


This collection is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the human experience through the eyes of the Blue Collar worker. The stories within depict the strength, courage, and resilience of those who work with their handsโ€”the hardworking men and women who make our economy run. This richly woven tapestry offers readers a unique insight into the human experience and provides motivation and encouragement to all who read it.


Youโ€™ll be grateful for reading this book.

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