Poetry Open Mic Culture (E-book)


Spoken Word Poetry. An age old art form where poets perform their work on stage to muse the audience. Back in the olden days, it held great value where the words would give the people an insight into something outside their sphere of life. This is a collection of poems.

Barbara Mosher, Sylvia-Marie Cleite, M.T.Pariti, Kate Copeland, Ray Ryterski, P.K. Neogi, Tom Steadman,

Gabrielle Toczek, Michelle Faulkner, Janelle Finamore, Shara Troutner, Josalyn Switzer, Sean O’Neill, Linda Stevenson, Julie OHara, Julianne DeMartino, Craig Randall, Yein Han, Keiran Miller, Collin OConnor, LuAnn Winkle, Miguel daPonte, A. E. Ryan, Margo Dills, Riley Glissendorf, Leah Mockridge

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