Spring (E-book)


Spring: Renew Your Thoughts, Spirit, and Feelings


This Spring-themed anthology collects poems from a variety of different authors, all exploring the themes of renewal, awakening, and growth. The wide range of topics covered in these verses includes life, friendship, love, memories, and more. Whether you are looking for something to read to celebrate the arrival of the new season or simply to reflect on your own journey thus far, this anthology has something for everyone.


Hereโ€™s a sample of the poems youโ€™ll find inside the book:


  • Know These Woods – Alexandra Crivici-Kramer
  • Nothing Like a Bit of Spring – Patrick Williamson
  • I Am the Sun – Julie Lewis
  • Return To the Garden โ€“ Brian Giddens
  • Grounded As Trees – Sheetal Gupta
  • Far Enough – Mary Rosen
  • The Rains of Spring – Grace Hamman


And a whole lot more!


Get Springโ€” A collection of poems from multiple authors about the time of renewal and awakening, covering a wide range of topics about life, friendship, love memories, and more.


If You Are Love Beautiful Poetry, This Is Your Book.

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Alexandra Crivici-Kramer, Noah Klipin, Jack Miles, Kirk Eckstine, Nina Keen, Grace Hamman, Adam Mckee, Patrick Williamson, Sheetal Gupta, Ken Patterson, Brian Giddens, Georgia Riordan, Niv K, Susan Bloch-Welliver, Rebecca Vernak, Charles Venable, Brooke Taylor, Mary Rosen, Asacia Hernandez, Ana Fortuna, Casey Jordan, Dessie Ross, Frank DiLuzio, Oanh Nguyen, Lauren Gray, Eliza Davis, April Federico, Nicole Rissmiller, Julie Lewis, Stacie Eirich

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