Suicides and Murders (E-book)


This book is a compilation of poems themed around crime, criminals, murderers, etc. Different poets from around the world, in their poetic approach, have described crime, criminals, their mindsets, pre and afterthoughts, and all the negativity during any incident. It takes a heart full of bravery and a sharp mind capable of doing fast evaluation & interpretation of imaginary visuals and quotes.


This book is a must-read for book enthusiasts. Get one for yourself or for your friends, family, and relatives & give it a try. Take a daring step towards crime reading in the poets’ world.



Justin Byrne, Darren Power, Anita Green, Noah Carlin, Michelle Brooks, Mark Hammerschick, Tiffany Smalls, Michelle Hoppe, Julia Ponder, BRYAN GRESS, Patrick Hansel, Brinda Gulati, A.V Rimbored, Melissa Speed, Matt Barker, Hunter Loushin, Shay Wills, Anne Kwok, Jana Forkel, Kelly Hill, George Richardson, Jamie Alliotts, Brent Cassan, Hailey Neal, Brenda James, Connor Hebert, Rose Mars, Siavash Saadlou, Anthony Raymond, Callie Connelly, Jaclyn Hogan, Emma DeBono, Brycea Pacheco, Chin-yer Wright, James Huneycutt, Fran Abrams, Peter O Malley, Gina Goode, Rachel Martin, Lynn Portillo, Vance Walker, Martha Patterson, Michael Levin, Heather Dearmon, gil rosado, N. M. Brownlee, Clinton Sanderson, Ismah Khan, Brian Jewell, Ailish James, Samantha Auch, Bridgit O’Connell, J S Case, Susan Breall, Cathleen Davies, Scott Hayworth, Martha Kahane, Bryan Nichols, Francisca Ribar, Nicole Ginocchi, SUZANNE SCHULTHEIS, Adin Yanari, Malia Nahinu, Alice Green, Laura Saint Martin, Claire Fullerton, Mike Cardwell, lael cassidy, Alprentice Thomas Johnson, Betsy Rupp, Suzanne Lobo, Robin Smith, Blake Case, Anna Engel

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