Unforgettable (E-book)


Life in a nutshell.


A premature baby destined to die, a devastating breakup, a seemingly affectionate couple’s suicide, and how a sliding door moment in time can change your life. ย  Together with sixteen more essays of crushing emotional vulnerability, Unforgettable delivers what the bookโ€™s sub-heading promises:ย  Stories that stay with you forever.ย 


The stories in Unforgettable are about love in unexpected places, love as desire, as confusion, or self-betrayal. It is about memories and imagination. ย  It shows that people can still find connections and friendships in the harsh light of being lovelorn. ย  This collection shows how things can break apart and how they can come together again.ย  ย  The stories here can make us love and live differently.ย 


Unforgettable is a book that deserves to be celebrated, discussed, read and re-read. ย  Give it as a gift or digest it slowly. It can change your life!ย 



Deborah Quarles, Andreea Cristea, Theresa Daigle, Iris Ortiz Mahon, Ashley Kauffman, Matthew Heneghan, Eileen Farrell, Sally Clinkenbeard, Colleen McMahon, Barbara Zapson, Robert Bak, Eugene Bobukh, lauren brockmeyer,

Ashaani Taneja, Syeda Nidma Bukhari, Amanda Pugh, Patty Bamford, Andrew Sarewitz, Meryl Baer

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