Sonnets Odes Rhymes (E-book)


This book is an anthology of sonnets, odes, and rhymes poems and is compiled by “Akshay Sonthalia”. It consists of poems that last only for 14 lines in general, poems that are themed around a particular person or a specific situation or occasion, and poems that are symmetrical & have systematic rhyme effects. It’s fun to read aloud this poem book to lighten your heart, and mood and leave a soothing healing effect on you. Especially the rhymes section poems will make you float in a tension-free environment and will leave a laughing aroma on your mind.


So go on, and sing a poem from this book, yes you read it right, sing a poem from this book and make your day stress free.



Francis Flavin, Kade Bound, Lily Anna Erb, Joe Volpe, Rhonda Rosenheck, Edward Ahern, Eleanor Cantor, Kendryk Youngblood, Nancy Wu, Ralph La Rosa, Jen Carl, Diana Raab, Brendan Praniewicz, Peter Prizel, Syble Heffernan, Sara Dudo, Indigo Erlenborn, Israel Padilla, Tony Murray, Joe Volpe, Luke Patitsas, Austin Draper, Janice Tatarka, Anne-Marie Simonton

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