A Medic’s Mind : Love, Loss, And All Things In Between (E-book)


โ€˜A riveting read of the difficult and important things of what medics do.โ€™

Matthew Heneghan doesn’t see people at their best.ย Instead, they come to him in desperate need.


The experience of needing a medic can be like waking up in a foreign country. You frantically want to know, โ€˜What is happening with me?โ€™ย  The ability to reassure people, to give the foreign country a โ€˜name,’ helps people.


Author Matthew Heneghan always knew he wanted to be a medic. In this raw new medical memoir, he interweaves the stories of his growing up with the brutal realities of living with life and death each day. With sensitive observation and graceful writing, this book explores the highs and lows of being a paramedic in a world where everything is not always what it seems.


Matthew writes that being a paramedic caused his โ€˜soul to bleed.โ€™ It is not about the practicalities of the job but about the evil of the world that he is forced to see day after day. He calls himself part of the โ€˜walking wounded.โ€™


In โ€˜A Medicโ€™s Mind -Love, Loss and All Things in between,โ€™ย Matthew Heneghan writes of the life-altering experiences and other struggles he faced in his journey to becoming a good medic โ€“ from being a youth in a home where his mom struggled with mental illness, to his medic training in the United States army. He tells of exhausting shifts as a paramedic and coming face-to-face with his own mortality and the socioeconomic dilemmas of his patients.


It is a read not to be missed!

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