A Fleeting Visitor (E-book)


This book “A Fleeting Visitor” is a collection of short poems from poets and writers around the globe. A sit back and relax book for poem lovers, book readers, and quality time spenders. A mandatory book to add to your collection and in your libraries. Especially the poems like “Bumpy Road”, “Homeless Gifts”, “Worry”, “The City Roar”, and “No Brexit” are some masterpieces that will win your heart for sure.


So go ahead, get one today for yourself, or gift your friends, relatives, and who not. Dive into the world of dreams and desires.



Prateeksha Rout, Alyson Sliger, Annie Kara, Maria Schรผtz, TM Smudge, Nick Westerman, Max McCoubrey, Anthony Kruegar, Zola Macarambon, Caleb Gearty, Dominic Blanco, michael shen, Oliver Schultz, Prachatorn Joemjumroon, Bett Willett, Nicci Guagliardo, Everett Roberts, Charles Gillispie, Felix Kingerlee, Christopher Girardi, Katrina Agudo, Monica Viera, Kim Gallagher, Joanne Rupp, Kelly Proctor, Mark Tochen, K. Emanuel Carey, Sonja Cudmore, Jodie W, Heather Cameron, Luke Molen, Marlene Tartaglione, Kelly Cooperrider, Kate Abed, Suzanne Eaton, Mark Ellis, Joseph Murphy, Ashley Lancaster, Danielle Potter, Hannah Erskine, Lindsey Medina, Melissa Junke, Erin Covey-Smith, Edward Moravcsik, Echo Quinn, Grace Gifford, David Shevchuk, john bartell, Juan Cortez, Caroline Ognibene, Brooke Barash, Kiley Hudson, Kerry Murphy, Erika Seshadri, Justine Norton-Kertson

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