Quenching Murders (E-book)


Curiously enough, driven by thirst for thrills – the interest is developed from childhood: where kids carry murder mystery novels, role play the detective amongst friends and family, engage in murder solving board games and find themselves aroused by action movies and video games; all of which gets encouraged and applauded as its perceived as a mark of High IQ in them. When they grow up and become convicts, they’re given labels of being sharp and cunning.

Most experts believe, remarkably extreme insecurities is often the trigger, behind criminal behaviour.

The primary characters in most murder mystery stories are the victim, the murderer, and the inspector. Thereon, the victims’ family and friends, the murderers apprentice or support system, legal authorities and media become active. Whilst theyโ€™re secondary, they attribute largely in the actions of the primary characters. Except that, the manifestation of circumstances does the rest.

All are driven by the thirstย forย thrills…

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