7 Deadly Sins (E-book)


The 7 deadly sins correspond with the seven chakras of a human body.

Pride > Crown Chakra

Wrath > Third Eye Chakra

Envy > Throat Chakra

Greed > Heart Chakra

Gluttony > Solar Plexus Chakra

Lust > Sacral Chakra

Sloth > Root Chakra

Whenever, a particular chakra is blocked, it malfunctions. When the functions they are devised for stop being productive,ย ย disharmony prevails. The excess or dearth of a particular function, eventually leads to one of the seven evils to surface.



Libby Strain-Thomas, Tessa Kong, Kyle Hacker, Nichole Williams, Christopher Flakus, Bruce Meyer, Libby , Strain-Thomas, Deb Nordlie, Kathryn Chidley, Moise Cummings, Mark Elgersma, Annie Duyen Tran, Ellie, Atkinson, Ronald Haynes, Ronald Haynes, Bri Dent, Salena Sirois-Vallรฉe, Lissa Brooks, Ann Casapini, Rachel Clark, Ryan Walker, Charlene Shute, Kelly DeLong, Malcolm Glass, Timothy Maynard, Nikki Rettmann, Andrew Garcia, Linda Pitura, James Maxwell, Trivikram Pujar, Isa Pineda, Sarah Popa, Maria Morrison, Olivia Loccisano, Miriam Ben-Yoseph, Cole Greenfield, Christopher Morin

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