Corona Global Lockdown (E-book)


This book of poems is compiled by “Akshay Sonthalia”. Different writers from around the globe have sent their entities based on global pandemic CORONA, exploring the emotions and politics of locking down, fearing & dancing with death, the choices left before us, and the emerging revelations, and many more things. They write out their dread, their fear, their boredom, their adventure, their confusion, and their contentment.ย 


The quality of these poems and the absolute originality of tone will certainly captivate all readers. The most impressive thing about these poems is the poet’s power of vivid description. Anyone who is living through, or who has lived through, the Great Pandemic of 2020 will want to read this book.



Shay Wills, Cathy Hollister, Neal Cohen, Jason Montgomery, Aubrie Dickson, Ralf Schrader, Erin Johnson, Morgan Boyer, Abigail Chorley, Melissa Speed, Emiliano Gomez, C.J.Pendergast, Chris Reim, Kenneth Mills, Elizabeth Bluth, Limor Weisberg Caspi, Mark Dixon, Lawrence Bridges, Elder Gideon, Amanda Piekarz, Amy Barry, Russell Willis, Ralph La Rosa, Maggie Mosher, Chris Kleinfelter, Jill Crainshaw, Emily Bornstein, Kristen Bales, sophia wilson, PJ DAmico, Mari-Carmen Marin, Alper Yilmaz, Ashley Andrews, Aarush Iyengar, Amy Hardy, Jodie Baeyens, Teresa Janssen, Edward Miller, Lori Graham, Jonathan Stolzenberg, Laura Saint Martin, Susan Coronel, Lorene Bossong, Maureen McElroy, Janice Tatarka, Mali woods, Jones Irwin, Laura Iodice, Kendryk Youngblood, Peter Prizel, Robert Rubino, Francis Flavin, JULIE HOGG, Aubree Tillett, Joseph McDonald, Dan Fleshler, Christine Brooks, Glenna Cook, Arien Reed, Ellen Coffey, Amelia Pikovsky, Sophia Falco, Gabriel McLeod, michael goldman, Ariana Moulton

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