Cancer (E-book)


Poems of Strength, Love, and Inspiration.


This book will take you on a thought-provoking journey alongside a group of young authors as they celebrate life and open their souls to share their struggles, triumphs, and wisdom through captivating poems coming from the heart.


An unforgettable collection of poems that remind us that we are not alone and that there is hope for the future.


Immerse in these poems to warm your soul:


  • Just A Bunch of Jersey Girls – Race for Renee
  • Not Really a Cancer, Cancer.
  • I Just Want You to Know
  • Before The Cancer
  • Fugue And Coda
  • My Father Sings “Mama, I’m Coming Home


And more!


This book of poems is dedicated to cancer patients and their loved ones. These poems offer strength, love, and inspiration in the face of this terrible disease. The poems in this collection allow us to let go of the past and rebuild our lives in the present. We hope they will bring you comfort and hope during difficult times.


A portion of the proceeds will go towards fighting cancer, aiding and supporting those in need.


Readers will enjoy Cancer. A heart-warming and awe-inspiring Collection of Poems that will keep you turning pages.


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PATTY CICERO, Anita Ford, Carlton Johnson, Danielle Warren, Kate Meyer-Currey, BRANDY Christiansen, Deird Maher, John Unger, Melinda Ruth, Michael Conner, Alexis McCauley, P Lynn Ouellette, Elisabeth Crago, lily mayo, Paula Praeger, Diane Bier, Candice Kelsey, Brendan Praniewicz, Gigi Guizado, Dick Altman

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