Love Couplets (E-book)


Couplets are a two-line form of poem which has a rhythmic pattern, expressed in few soothing words.
The poem above has a couplet followed by a one liner poetic arc linked as a rider. If seen as a standalone, the one liner transforms, beautifully into a monostich.
Authors –
Akeab Mesfin, Edgar Medina, Lydia Hartless,ย  Mohammed Kamaluldeen, Heidi Donoghue,ย  Alecia Page, Gabrielle Grilli, Jose Carlos Lopez-de Cespedes,ย  Mark Tochen,ย  Joseph Hartshorn, Macie Parker,ย  Tanvi Shannyal (Saheb), Jaden Fong, Guinevere Clark, Elizabeth Semple, terryโ€‚brinkman, Alexander Burdette
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