Business Stories (E-book)


Business Stories: Find the Inspiration You Need to Take the Next Step


This clever collection of business stories features real-life accounts from people around the world who have overcome their own mistakes, learned the lessons, and achieved their goals. The tales of determination in these pages will help you find the inspiration you need to achieve your own goals and dreams.


Here are some great stories youโ€™ll find inside:


  • A Nice Clean Sale – Elizabeth Goldner Ross.
  • Braking Even – Suzanne S. Eaton.
  • First law of Karma – Balu Swami.
  • Hard Money – Veda Tuscanes
  • Taste of Reality – Deepak Vedarthan
  • Last Day – Mark Robinson
  • This Isnโ€™t Your Masters Class – Dave Newman



And many more!


Get moved by amazing real-life Business Stories full of courage, perseverance, and mind-blowing vision from business people around the world that will give you a new perspective on the processes behind successful businesses. A masterful compilation of thought-provoking stories that will keep you turning pages!


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