Adding Colors To Life : Butterfly Poems (E-book)


Elementally potent, butterflies fascinate those who set their eyes on them. Their effervescence transcends into another because of natural wonders, which manifests, in their being.

There is a reason they are considered symbols of change and creation. When seen closely, their very existence is about subtle change.

Be it โ€“ Metamorphosis or their migration, due to climate change or their color that they add to our life.

Iโ€™d call butterflies, โ€œAn iridescence in the light of the day.โ€

This book offers gratitude to the divine species that barely get noticed in our day to day lives, so that even if it is for a moment, one remembers them.


Marjorie Gowdy, Jasper Ritvo, AmandaJane Scotti, Miranda Lomas, Jalaal Raji, Lela McMurray, Rene Lytle, Suzanne Eaton, Nathan Grocholski, David Footle, Susan Zenker, Anna Weber, Elizabeth Swift, Sampoorna Thammadi, Ariane Lee, Ananya Venkataramaiah, Ben Macnair, Neil Rhind, Muqitha Ismail, BRIAN YAPKO, Laura Lomas, Crystal Barker

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