Inner Eye (E-book)


This book “Inner Eye” is a collection of beautiful and deep-meaning poems from poets around the world. It is a mix of both short and long poems. All those people who love to dive into the world of poetic description with an imaginative approach will love this book for sure. Test your hidden imagination powers and procreate a hypothetical world of your poet’s description.ย 


A deep-meaning, strongly imaginative, and a must once in a life reading book for poem lovers. Also, an essential book to showcase and flaunt your book collection among your family, relatives, friends, or followers.



Ashley Williamson, Jennifer Cahill, Hege Fossum, HendFares, Alfie Ormsbee, Naz Uremek, Don Mitchell, Alfie Ormsbee, Dick Altman, Sarah McAdow, Shoreditchpoet, Brittany Cannon, Hamnah Shahid, Kendra Kehde, Sara Miller-Hanner, Dick Altman, Nicole Becker, Sarah Price, Andrew Mayden, J.T. Whitehead, Emily Jacko, Samuel Bliss, Nancy Pitkin, J.C.Bratcher, Savannah Deasy, Rachel Glass, Dianalee Velie, Vanessa Watters, Lisa Kendrick, Mary Keating, Saleem Abdal-Khaaliq, Sonja Cudmore, kristin leonard, Whit Cook, Audrey Colasanti, Charity Warren, Marianne Lyon, Robert Krantz, Beth Nintzel, Jennifer Schneider, Victor Stefanescu, Bobby Williams, Jeremy McEwen, Jeanie DeCandia, Kate Phillips, Joni Caggiano, Catherine Tripp, Denise Cordner, Francis DeStefano III, Gavin Bourke, Sharon Ludan, Cassandra Flores-Everett, Dennis Williams II, Kate Meyer-Currey, shalini keswani, Elisabeth Bialosky, Lily Jarman-Reisch, Patrick Gibbons, Antoinette Saunders, Olivia DiVincenzo, Lee Landau, Hudson Cooke, Adam Oyster-Sands, Evan Philpot, Marjie Block, Karl McOmber, C. Max Schenk, Lisa Molina, nicoline antanovich, Rosalie Beith, Jane Fitzgerald, Barbara Zapson, KD Leslie, China Myers, Bingh, Sterling Warner, windflower Townley, SUZANNE SCHULTHEIS, Ananias Reese, Mandy Ramsey, Ari Ferguson, Robert Walton, Angia Thomas Hughes, Sarah Hennessey, Eva Jardine, J.E.Taylor, Jessamyn Wolff, Sheena Bradley, Justin Byrne, PETER WEST, slade Graves, Kelly Hill, Tony Murray

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