Global Warming (E-book)


This anthology of poems is an emotional exploration of climate change and its underlying attitudes. The poems lie at the intersection of climate change due to global warming and inner transformation. The poems are meaningful, powerful, and thought-provoking. The reader goes on a journey from despair and chaos, ending in a place of quiet optimism. This is a book for the sensitive, the conscious, the eco-warriors, and the introspective nature lovers among us. Intermixing essays with poetry and art, this book is both a balm and a guide for knowing and holding what has been done to the world, while bolstering our resolve never to give up on one another or our collective future.


The scope of the poems goes far beyond Connecticut to the whole ecosystem we humans share. With praise and wonder, and sometimes with grief or anger, the poems in this collection pay close attention to our planet and its inhabitants. In a time of climate crisis, the poems in this anthology ask everyone to wake up to the earth and cherish it.



Kate Bustin, TERRY BRINKMAN, Alex Andy Phuong, Gwen Hart, Joan Gibb Engel, Dr. Sandip Saha, sophie wagner, Artemis Fernihough, Ethan Stokes, Elsa Bonstein, Deborah Hickerson, Joel Holland, Hamid Khan, Meghana Tatavarthy, Nebula and the Velvet Queen, Vanessa Watters, The Poet Mj, Duane Herrmann, Tanya Schmid, Tiffany Lindfield, Elizabeth Jorgensen, Leander Jones, Donny Winter, Donald Guadagni, AJ Bartholomew, Margie Griffin, Pragya Dhiman, Erin Cowart, Fareh Malik, MistyRose Bosworth, Jensen Kyle Anderson, Dr. Ken Davis, Emmanuel Odekunle, Marilyn M. London, anna johnson, Barbara L. Svoboda, Erika B. Girard, Neha Yadav, George Cook, Shomade Abdulazeez, Samantha Terrell, B.A. O’Connell, Siobhรกn Mullan, Jim Armstrong, Tara Thiel, Justin Byrne, Erin Jamieson, Ry Downey, Helga Gruendler-Schierloh, Sabrina S.K. Regan, Rena Medow, Shivi Bhalla, Bruce Meyer, Dr. Sneha Krishnan, Ilex Ater, Rayanne Gwilliam, Lori Zybala, Bunny Ingram, Stevie Agostinelli, Mitchell Svantner, Sheila lb, Gregory C Wilder Jr, Su Zi, Sarah Hernandez, Amanda Conover, Nehemiah Wong, Catherine Pialago Gaspay, Susan Cummins Miller, Jennifer Gauthier, Khalil Elayan, John Niebuhr, Kundan Chatterjee, nats_poems, Keegan Abernathy, Grayson May, Achingliu Kamei, Ishika Jain, Tim Varner, Shelby Kenney, Charles Braithwaite, Gemma Collins, Sarah Davis, Riley Hines, Jannik Landt Fogt, Rha Arayal, Kali Pytel, Mel Black, Vidushi Anand, V S Balakrishnan, Helen Lemus, Brooke Stanicki, Joey Tabak, Mollie LeMasters, Andrew Jones, Maryam Barrie, Martin H. Samuel, Dr. Asa Don Brown, Russell Davis, Ashleigh Cattermole

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