French Poems (E-book)


The French Poems Collection: A Journey Through the Language of Love


What better than French to enjoy the most romantic memories of life?


This is a unique collection of exquisite poetry that helps us understand the inner workings of the soul and the needs of the heart. Go from feeling moved to inspired as you read about love in all its forms, including friendship, passion, and romance. Whether you are learning French or are already fluent in the language, these poems will touch your heart and speak to your soul.


Excerpt from: Mon Amour Chaotique


“Salle de chant,

chance instinctive de mélodie,

soleil qui écoute toujours—

tu es mon langue de désirer.”


This is a short list of other poems you’ll find inside.


  • Cézanne
  • Eden
  • Le Lampadaire


And there are many more!


Young and adults alike will enjoy reading French Poems. A thought-provoking treasury of romance that is sure to keep you reading all night.


Let your soul fall deep into the timeless language of romance.


Are you ready?

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Marina Matson, April Federico, Rebecca Herz, Joshua Rowe, Shiela Scott, John Gaffey, Noah Schiller, Natalie Jud, Kasey Roper, Anna Meister, Cecilia Van Strijp, Peter Grieco, Dariela Delgado, Natalie Harrell, Patrice Tullai, Joselyn Zacherl, Suzanne Ondrus, Sankara Olama-Yai, Elizabeth Boquet, Hunter Liguore, Ernst Perdriel, adam rubin

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