Adding Just A Minute (E-book)


Oftentimes, we tend to forget, how beautiful the present moment is. That the circumstances, as they are today, will change, tomorrow. When we take the present for granted, we find faults in it and pinpoint all our unfulfilled expectations from that moment and from the people living in those moments with us. The imperfections that exist in that moment, instead of being the subject of praise and invaluable beauty become focal points triggering disturbance.

It is only once the moment has passed, does the realization dawn upon us, about how unique the moment was, how precious it had been and how gifted we were to have lived that moment. We are driven by the eagerness to live that moment, now that we know its worth, before it passes away completely. So that, we do not regret having missed the chance to live it to our hearts content, now that we know its worth.

Such moments, come in our life time and again. People whom we love, must never be taken for granted. They should never be left alone. Those people bring this moment, which say, that they will not be around forever. Till the time they are, it is best that we make the most of the time weโ€™ve got, for the sake of one another.

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