The Wishing Well (E-book)


When a wish is looked upon as a subtle seed of one’sย callingย to unravel the learning process, it is fulfilled irrespective of the challenges that exist ahead.


Since your wish is in the interest of others more than yours alone, it is the others who, with the assistance of the Universe, pave your route to your goal.


Sometimes, their perceived interest may be vile, but since you do not see what they do, your wish sustains it’s goodness and so do you. Your purity of heart defeats all evil holding-intentions having limited interests, in your destiny, without even lettingย ย you come to know that your innocence made you rise, beyond expectations. Surprising them, that their very intent of feigning support, genuinely turned out to be helping you when they’d not meant it to be so.


Your path, thus, becomes a learning process for yourself and those who engage with you, including your enemies.


The wish in itself becomes a powerful instrument, for great change to follow. The precedent behind your wish neednโ€™t always be tears. It can come from life stories narrated or blessings inherited by grandparents or even decisions our parents make. How our families and friends treat us and finally our identity, that we slowly become aware about.


The tradition of sitting outside for a while, in the garden after dropping a coin in the wishing well or in any holy place after prayers, or in a park every morning : hails from the fact that at any given point of time, the universe brings like-minded people with interconnected needs to come together. So that they can help each other. So that, when they get talking to one another, they find solutions.

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