Autumn (E-book)


Autumn is like the ancient white horse that gallops into our lives, bringing purity, fertility and prosperity. The season brings celebration and merriment by garnering its presence with festivities throughout its stay. Whilst silently siphoning away the sombre days of hardships and peril.


Shawn Lu, laurie held, Emily Scott, Sarah Licht, Sarah Pobuda, Dana Trick, Sarah Munoz, Anthony Zevallos,

Nicholas Jackson, Merijane Bureau, Paula Rodriguez, Burl Battersby, Jeremy Saarela, Robert Giambo, Ashley Guadamuz, Chynna Jones, Martin Jon Porter, Shannon Vesely, Maddie Schmeling, Hanna Peterson, Amber Parker,J.T. Whitehead, Mark Tochen, Stacey Manos, Taylor Franson, Ann Keeling, Sheldon Smith, Inge Sorensen

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