Plethora Of Words (E-book)


Starting from the lowest to the highest ball park figure,

Traverse through life and youโ€™ll find โ€“

There is no denial in the fact that a verbose speaker gets engulfed by the flood of their own emotions. They often loose the essence of what theyโ€™re saying and direction of where they were heading with their monologue.

A good listener, extracts value even amidstย thatย chaos, where theyโ€™re grounded with purpose to take away pearls of wisdom since they firmly believe โ€˜knowledge is wealthโ€™.

The best amongst them, the winner is the seeker with an aptitude of creating wealth out ofย thatย knowledge, as they know how to find the needle in the haystack. And then, sell that needle to a weaver, to knit a story โ€“ unheard.

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