Love Is In The Air (E-book)


A collection of this yearโ€™s best storiesย 

With this collection of short stories and poems, Indian publisher Shail Raghuvanshi managed to immerse us in powerful words and characters that take you inside their hearts. In these snippets of life, you learn something about yourself, allowing you to bring some power into your own life.ย 


From a โ€˜love story within a love story,’ magic on a stage, nostalgic memories, and smoky bar friendships, this collection provide profoundly empathetic portrayals of various human experiences.ย ย 


Youโ€™ll laugh and cry as you sink into world after world, character after character. ย  Love lost, love found, and love redeemed. ย  Romantic love, platonic love, and the unexpected โ€“ all these stories and poems celebrate love just like it is in real life. ย  First, you’ll forget yourself as you read. Then, upon surfacing, there is the possibility to know yourself and others anew.ย 

โ€˜Love is in the Airโ€™ is a collection of 20 poignant love short stories and 9 feel-good love poems.

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