Dreams Of You (E-book)


Dreams of You: A Story of Self-Discovery, Compassion, and Love.


Leo is an attentive teenager sitting by the bed of his mother at the hospital, sheโ€™s in a coma and he has been there all day. For the last 30 days, he slept, completed his homework, and spent considerable time at the hospital.


It all changes when all of a sudden, she has a crisis, Doctors and nurses ๏ฌ‚ooded his motherโ€™s roomโ€ฆ it was inevitable, doctors did everything they could.


The last thing Leo expected, was to see her die.

It all happened so quickly, soon his father arrived. It was over, later they went home.

But then something extraordinary occurred. Life would never be the same for Leo.

What happens when a young boy learns that life can end at any moment?

How can that change a young boyโ€™s perspective on life?


Follow the journey of a brave boy, a distant father, and the extraordinary events that unfold after a family tragedy, with engaging storytelling, Jeremiah Valentine delivers a heart-warming story of survival and the unrelenting power of love.

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