Just A Minute (E-book)


His light deceives. He holds out a hand with gold on his fingers, then rots your skin once you take it. You thank him, for you know nothing else.

There might be a world outside of his, but youโ€™re not sure. Itโ€™s painted as a war-torn world, one that attacks its own. You are safe here within his walls, within his spirit. You thank him for this, for keeping you safe.

But the outside darkness is enticing. It whispers to you, beckoning you to disobey. When he turns his back on you, you put on your shoes — And you leave.


Joaquin Bernal, China Rain Chung, Kryst Le Grif, Thelma Benison, Audrey Fong, Anthony Savasta, Mark Robinson, William “Brent” Heckler, Mia Del Bando, Joan Halperin, Zora Ilunga-Reed, John Sexton, Stephanie Watson, Dakota Gipson, Rachel McCarren, Kaitlin Pradhan, Rahul Sharma, Jami’L Carter, Cameron Cohen, Barbara Rogers

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