Its Not About You (E-book)


Someone once wrote that a poet as an artist uses words instead of paint and that we are the canvases. So, let Jeremiah Valentine paints his picture on you.ย 


By carefully selecting his words for conciseness, Jeremiah wrote what he felt and took out the best of himself, all the while trying to see the best in others. He considered the dynamic qualities of words andย 

juxta positioned โ€˜heartbreakโ€™ and โ€˜disappointmentโ€™ with โ€˜determinationโ€™ and โ€˜inspiration.โ€™ย ย 


Jeremiah narrates, describes, argues, and defines. ย  There are backstories and inner music, and the result is โ€˜It is not about you.โ€™ ย  The book contains love poems but also self-reflective and soul-searching titles.ย 


How do you feel when you hear, โ€˜I go to war every morning,’ ‘All women are beautiful,’ or โ€˜I wish I remembered all the calm nightsโ€™?ย ย 


Through Jeremiahโ€™s poems, we suddenly see that we can learn from each other and grow. Although two people are on different future life paths, there can still be joy in memories and remembrance.


This tender and sensitive poetry bundle is a joy to read and a must-have for every bookshelf.

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