Funnel to Freedoms Ring (E-book)


Andrรฉ R. Brewer Sr, is a professional in higher education. Since the early 2000โ€™s he has been writing poetry and short stories as he aspires to establish himself as a published author. As a spoken word artist, he competed in the National Slam Competition in 2005. His writing style, riddled with rhyme and content that invites one to delve into the unfortunate parts of society that have become far too normal. With a goal to uplift his people and point out the wrongs continuously ignored and swept under the rugs of households across America he fills the pages with fuel. Allow the book to ignite flames from within that are bound to set you ablaze. Allow yourself to indulge in the rhythms of his rhyme and subtle melodic beats on the spoken version of the book as you read along. Andre uses his experiences through life to paint a vivid picture projecting the good the bad and the ugliest parts of America that many fight to keep hidden.

Funnel to Freedoms Ring takes an unapologetic look into the realms of American society providing a provocative glimpse into Americas unspoken normalcyโ€™s from the other side of the table.ย ย Andre Brewer pulls no punches while delivering line after line of stimulating thought. Allow him to entice you both verbally and visually as he paints pictures in your mind to lure you deeper into each chapter of spoken word.

His passions become quite apparent after spending only a brief amount of time flipping through the pages. Faith, family, and fun and freedom from all oppression are the foundations, which fuel his projection through the daily rigmaroles of life.



Andre Brewer

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