Winter (E-book)


Winters call for times of togetherness and merriment, spiked with flavours of emotional vulnerability in drinks.

The quiet is deafeningly threatening yet compassionately arousing, as it stirs our senses with sharpened observations.

The cold outside, in the environment, challenges the heat inside, our body resultant opposites attract. Pursuing absolution in unison a child is born.


John Miller, Eugene Stelzig, Elsjevan Munster, Lilly Hallock, Mark Tochen, Max Vitelli, Syeda Mansur, Vinayak Pandey, Eman Hany, Aberuagba Fawaz, Abdurahman Buayan, Temitope Taiwo, Katherine Carlman, Molly Catherine Conway, Daniella Lepri, Tiara Moore, Matt McCain, James B.Nicola, Eric Merriweather, Hannah Nathanson, Namratha Varadharajan, Alexis Bhagat, Melissa Evans, Jennifer Etheridge, Valentina Lubomirski, Matthew Berg, Palash Mahmud, Hanna Abi Akl, Pamela Impson, Latika Sehajpal, Joseph Rodgers

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