Tides Of Change (E-Book)


Tides of Change is a collection of poetry by Mark Tochen, a retired pediatrician and life-long writer. This book is dedicated to Markโ€™s wife Dr. Helen Tochen, a pediatrician, hematologist, and blood-bank specialist throughout a distinguished medical career. Helen is Markโ€™s mainstay and the mother of their two children. She was diagnosed with Alzheimerโ€™s syndrome in 2016, and this book of poetry was written to honor Helen and for Mark to be her spokesman with family and friends. The poems make a narrative of love and loss, of fifty years of marriage vows renewed daily, and of Mark and Helenโ€™s unwavering and clear devotion to each other. Helen is Markโ€™s Muse; she is his source of joy and love, a constant companion, the woman who reads his heart with the gift of perfect understanding.

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