This Was A Mistake (E-book)


The eyes of the wise aged Brahma, the Creator sees that which the youth feel is indispensable, to move onward โ€“ to survive.

Like a father is, to children.

The fire in that youthful vigour, blinds them from acknowledging or seeing that their actions today will boomerang, for which penance will need to be sought:ย ย when theyโ€™ve aged. And that, their striving to achieve, investing much time and effort, drives their vehicle and emanates meaning.

Achieve those milestones, which Brahma sees as mere gems.

Gems which may ultimately be left behind.

The head of the family, role plays Brahma in their small way. Quietly observing all those mistakes one made and continue to make.

Every individual surpasses โ€˜trials of timeโ€™ which they later adorn, renaming those trials as โ€˜mistakes I madeโ€™ or โ€˜lessons I learnedโ€™.

If only, every child learnsย ย Arth Shastra (Arth = Meaning ; Shastra = Text Book or Scripture), at the time when theyโ€™re learning how to walk. Perhaps, itโ€™ll engineer civilizations towards progress instead of success. Being equipped by this knowledge โ€“ where they know the basis of life and its meaning, those goals set – will not be mere gems, anymore.

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