It Was A Mistake (E-book)


Mistakes. ย  We all make them.ย  But should there always be regrets?ย 

If you like true-life stories in the self-help genre, you are in the right place. ย  It was a mistake is a how-to manual for professionals seeking to harness the power of failure in a quest for self-improvement. ย  ย  Failure can become your launching pad for positive change if you change your perspective. ย  In fact, this book proclaims the more mistakes you make, the better person you will be!ย 


This powerful title includes:


  • Engaging stories in essay form of real-life mistakes and failure experiences that โ€˜worked.’
  • Practical steps that you can apply to change your approach to lifeโ€™s failures.
  • Ways to eliminate the fear of making mistakes that can hold you back.


These insightful stories find the beauty in broken relationships and past mistakes.ย  The book asks you to delve deep and discover the purpose of your previous actions, how strong it is, and to identify the beauty in realizing that mistakes can be good.ย ย 


The good news is you donโ€™t have to remain stuck in past patterns. ย  In It was a mistake, the authors equip you with tools and strategies to be more successful and maximize the strengths in errors.ย 


You canโ€™t undo yesterdayโ€™s mistakes. ย  But you can change your perspective and do the rest of your life better.ย  ย  Read essays here from authors like the award-winning Ian Harper, Elaina Erola, Casey Hampton, and more.


Ian Harper, Priya Ele, Elaina Erola, Nikki McKenzie, Mike Washington-Nava, Katie Waters, Miniature Malekpour, Tnaus Nieto, John Goldhammer, Mark Thumann, M.K. Davis, Gregor Charpentier, Andrew Sarewitz, Dylan Brown, Allison Stalberg, Rich Larsen, Duane Herrmann, Tom Funk, Kyle Garon, Matthew Heneghan, Roger D’Agostin, Mary Jumbelic, Kalina Smith, Jermaine Reed, Casey Hampton

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