Speaking Of Romance (E-book)


The secret is, that romanceย alwaysย plays its part inย absence.ย Thatย non -beingย creates a projection of memories and beliefs that one makes love with โ€“ every single day as thatย absenceย is present in life.


Where physical presence is vacuum, there romance blooms.


God sets the best example here. Then, come those who we call are now with God or alive yet not around.

Itsโ€™ ironic, people find faults and fight with people when theyโ€™re around but when theyโ€™re gone, onlyย ย all that which is good and pure : comes forth.


Thatย is whatย Iย call Romance.


Meghan Giannotta, Hadley McCoy, Danielle Chan, C.W. Toledo, Ken Baker, Kieran McLoughlin, Mel Buckingham, Micah Brocker, Leonie Milde, Roy Kindelberger, Annie Duyen Tran

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