Revenge (E-book)


The old law of โ€˜an eye for an eyeโ€™ leaves everybody blind. โ€“ Martin Luther King Jr.ย 

Revenge. ย  If you are a power-seeker, revenge can be a tool to remind others not to mess with you. ย  Revenge can also be a way to keep order in a society where rules are weak. ย  But revenge can come at a price. It can be a rusty knife in your back that leaves you dwelling on a spot, unable to move on, an unhappy disfigurement of shame.ย 


This collection of short stories, Revenge, puts together 25 very human responses to feeling slighted. Those who can’t let go become the prisoners of revenge. But, those who can, can find a positive sense of direction and a new, liberating mission.


The collection of short stories weaves itself around the idea of revenge. How to see revenge coming, and how to flee. The desire to take revenge, the guilt, and the confusion. It is all here.ย 


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