Paradise Poems (E-book)


Experience the Comforting Power of Poetry


Allow Yourself to Be Transported to A Paradise for The Soul.


A compilation of poetic works, Paradise Poems, features verses from renowned authors from all corners of the globe. This anthology will boost your vocabulary while providing insights into different cultures. But more importantly, reading this emotionally-charged poetry will enable you to recognize, understand, and process your own emotions better as well.


Hereโ€™s part of what youโ€™ll love about this collection:


  • Angel House – E. Martin Pedersen
  • Autumn at Owen Beach – Carl Papa Palmer
  • Better in Memory – Elizabeth Broker.
  • Finding the Missing Piece – Idalis Wood.
  • How Tranquil the Sea – Stacie Eirich.
  • I Know Love Divine โ€“ Irakiza.


And much more!


If you’re looking for a collection of poems that will both educate and enchant you, look no further than Paradise Poems. Get your copy today and enjoy a heart-warming collection of poems you can’t afford to miss. Start a beautiful journey today!


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Rhonda Zimlich, Dominique Rispoli, Levi Lichy, Bruce Meyer, Audrey Lee, Oberon Waters, Tesa Flores, Joanne Rupp,

Charlie McCormick, Gautam Kumar, E Martin Pedersen, mitchell washington, Stacie Eirich, Chris Pais, Edward Ahern, BRIAN YAPKO, Idalis Wood, Carl “Papa” Palmer, Miriam Damaris Maldonado, Tom Squitieri, Elizabeth Broker, Lindsey Bottino, Gaayatri Sivanantham, Mary Beth Ashley, Vic Spandrio, Freda Wooten, NY Haynes, Jordan James, EG Herbst, Sara Pompeo, Liv Francis-Pape, Rose Knapp, Divine Irakiza, Kelsy Johnson, Emily Murman, Jess Munday,

Max Vitelli, vidushi anand, Jonathan Lancaster, Ariana Moulton, Arthur Wood, lily mayo, Dustin Radke, Oladejo Abdullah, Eve Dineva, Carl Swanson, Kris Green, shantay La Tour, Christian Ward, Lawrence Bridges

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