Osome Symphony (E-Book)


Just like water, music blends into emotions of words.

Blending music with poems is like swimming in an ocean looking for water which distinguishes itself differently from the rest of the ocean.

Perhaps, there was a time when our planet had more land than water.

Today, 71% of the Earth is water. Music never appealsย completelyย ย to the conscious mind, becauseย thatย 29% of the radical rationale reality-stricken mind which is outwardly depicted by land โ€“ opposes ย giving inย to sensory indulgences thus safeguards itself from nuances of eternal bliss, by remainingย groundedย with reality.

The language of music is theย purestย andย boundlessย medium to connect lives. It is simpler to write poems that create symphony; than to write poems on music itself.

Music makes expression of what others are feeling come alive: through you โ€“ the composer, who isnโ€™t really separate and yet possesses that potential, which others donโ€™t, to give their feelings,ย the voice.

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