Marlot and Zed (E-book)


Marlot and Zedย is a story about two people. It opens on the water, and thereโ€™s a feeling of having an entire world before them. This establishing scene gives the reader something to wait for as the plot begins after the first break: Marlotโ€™s mother has died, and he does not know how to feel about it.


His plot line follows self-actualization in solitude, though of course he is not really alone. He is, instead, financially unstable, and no longer able to rely on others to solve his more basic problems.


Zedโ€™s plot follows the story of a girl in fashion. She must resist her desire to pursue her creative direction when a more lucrative opportunity takes her from that direction. She must bear witness to her future, although it feels scary.


Together, Marlot and Zed share a love story as they each search for what they are looking for. In the end, they realize each otherโ€™s value in the process but also appreciate that self actualization is often best done in solitude.

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