Living In The Mountains (E-book)


This book is an anthology of poems by a group of poets from different parts of the world. It is themed on the mountains. To live in mountains is like meeting your true self once again and realizing what you truly want in this life. That is the reason why saints and the Himalayas are inseparable. The peace, the mountains offer, leads to the ultimate bliss where one can understand the purpose of one’s existence. Poets in their magical explanations about the same feeling have made these poems come alive. Each & every day is a new & exciting adventure. Living in the Rocky Mountains is the most beautiful experience everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. It feels like this is the last thing everyone should do before dying.


Randall Templin, Martin Schwarz, Agnes Otjen, Sara Adams, christina erichsen, Dianalee Velie, MARK HAMMERSCHICK,

Rhys DDGerow, Anne Kundtz, Henry Lansing Woodward, Suzanne Eaton, Maria Carrera, Mary Knothe, Melinda Ruth, Mereena Eappen, Claudia Greenwood, Sydney Mlodnosky, Kristin Harrisberger, Martin Friedenthal, Gracie Schwenk, Steven Davison, Lonna Blodgett, Paulina Gฤ…siorowska, Jennifer Cahill, Thomas Plummer, Khalil Elayan, Noura Alsuwaidi, Harper Haase, Lawrence Bridges, Jonathan Cant, Jasmine Marshall Armstrong, Dick Altman, Suzanne Eaton

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