Injured – Words Are Sharper Than A Sword (E-book)


Our suffering carves our path ahead.

Sometimes, playing a crucial role in keeping us alive.

Those who are pure with innocence and protected; do not know how to deal with stones that are thrown at them and succumb to injury without even defending themselves.

The intensity of the impact is deciphered by the reaction. The stone thrown could be a pebble, but the response hints otherwise and so it appears to an experienced onlooker that the assaulted one have been hit directly by a bolster.

Scars of injury, help us respond with experience, so that we are able to fight and defeat those opponents who invited themselves into our lives.

Words being those stones…and our swords and shields.



Patricia Cannon, Lela McMurray, Gabriela Herrmann, Angelo Sapienza, Janari Teessar, Caitlin Finley, Peter Wyatt, Bethany Barton, Brittany Schissler, Matilda Bray, Lindsay Collier, Connor Hayes, Martin Jon Porter,

Mandy Smith, Justin Wang, Stephanie Sushko, Niccolo Fantin, Aydin Akgun, Kara Dunford, Catherine Nalle,

Josh Megson, Jessica Blandford, Emma Wells, Abigail Kelley, Mary Williams, Eliot Malis, Rebecca Dietrich,

Sierra Madden, C. Christine Fair, Riley Danvers, Damian Johnson, Lexia Jurado, Claudine Carmel, Macey Esper,

Joshua Rowe, Jackson Downey, Jada Yee, Paul Pruitt, Shannon Wood Rothenberg

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