Door Bell (E-book)


People carry specific vibrations. All vibrations resonate.

Vibrations of others that go well with you are seen as positive, those that donโ€™t synchronize with you become negative. It is subjective to each alone. I do not consider myself to be an egotist, and yet –

The more people I relate to, the better understanding I get about what goes well with me.

Vibrations collect in people : by their thoughts and actions, performed day after day โ€“

Adding that charisma, that aura to oneโ€™s personality.

That charisma, that aura, decides : whether thy emanates fear or love, arrogance or compassion, joy or grief, knowledge or ignorance.

When there is someone at the door, there is an element of surprise for some, unless their innocence depletes making them disbelieve in the idea of co-incidences. Over time I observed whether my feelings were in symphony with the person at the door and I made a note whether I pored out warmth or cold. It is an opportunity for me to learn something about myself.

To know, how I come across, to others.

Have you answered the door bell, yet?

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