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Building Bridges is an anthology showcasing my journey into micro poetry, featuring my previously published haiku, tanka, and tanka prose. Within its pages, I explore small moments from my own backyard and childhood, drawing inspiration from the majestic snow-covered mountains and volcanoes in the North Cascades, as well as the towering giant trees that surround me. The ever-present view of the Puget Sound, which I witness daily while teaching young students, and the rhythmic ocean waves of the Pacific blue, further contribute to the tapestry of my poetic musings. It is in those quiet moments that I find myself crafting new songs.

As a dedicated teacher, I have had the privilege of instructing students across various grades, including kindergarten, second grade, third grade, and special education. Beyond the classroom, my passions extend to writing, reading, yoga, photography, and spending time outdoors with my family. In 2013, I ventured into the realm of fiction with the publication of my middle-grade novel, ‘Broken Bridges.’ My writing journey has also led me to contribute to the education market and share a diverse collection of poetry and short stories.

Currently residing in Washington state, I am accompanied by my beautiful wife, Jaci, and our two beloved kitties. Together, we cherish moments with my two children and three stepchildren. To explore more of my work, please visit my writing website at

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