Ace Of Spades (E-book)


The best works go unnoticed if the time for them is inappropriate, according to the universal powers which govern and decide everything that happens in the world. The conjunction of the time being right with an incredible piece of work getting noticed, is what proves the existence of luck.

No one knows when luck favors them.

That uncertainty doesn’t stop us from collecting and putting together thoughts, that we believe worthy of recognition.

Authors –

Marie Boucher, Kaitlyn Piller, peter pittendrigh, Douglas Campbell, River Murt, Somdeep Datta, Cyril Baaku, Jasia Gulzar

Lucy Steward, Courtney Hatcher,  Holly Smyth,  Malcolm Jenkins, Michael Karpati, Randi Neville, Lydia Jernigan, Carey Gable,

Alecia Page, Elijah Meyung, Tsz Ching Chan,  Kewayne Wadley, Arben Alovic, Delaney Williams, terry brinkman,  Camden Jurewicz, Vinayak Pandey, Mykyta Ryzhykh, Saheb SK

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