Three Words (E-book)


Discover The Rich Colors and Textures of Life Through These Short Stories

Choose your favorite story and immerse yourself in a wonderful voyage right away. Enjoy an incredible collection of stories coming from different lands, races, and religions that every reader will love,


The book is beautifully divided into 3 sections (3 words) and a few poems:


  • Errands, take a simple and short trip to the mind and souls of different authors.
  • Euphemism. An intense collection of stories reveals how euphemisms are part of our everyday life.
  • Evanescence, simple, but incredibly powerful messages are captured in short stories before they vanish like dreams.
  • Few Poems โ€“ So insightful and inspiring, they remind us to enjoy life.

Three Words: Collection of Short Stories, offers something for everyone within these pages. So, curl up on your favorite reading spot and let yourself be transported to new and exciting places.


Hereโ€™s part of the stories packed inside this new book:


  • Concussions And Errands
  • Nothing Bugs Me
  • Settling Up
  • Your Mother Is Resting
  • Secrets In the Sand
  • By The Side Of the Road
  • Shades of Trees


And many more!


The simple things in life often mean the most. Three Words: Collection of Short Stories, itโ€™s a collection of short stories that serve as a reminder to appreciate life, love, and companionship. This book consists of a variety of stories that offer a fresh perspective on life that can help to brighten our day and make us appreciate the people and relationships in our lives.


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