Summers In Laurel Canyon (E-book)


Summers in Laurel Canyon is a broad collection of poems, including sestinas, sonnet, rhyming, prose and free verse poetry which covers poet life struggles, growth, perseverance and changings and difficulties he faced after his mother passed, in what circumstances he leave California, ins and outs in his life from homelessness to missing home and everything in between like the most importantly when he knew about himself that he is a transgender. How he handled this change from hardships to make it manageable and acceptable for himself and for others it’s like Trans when ideology meets reality and I should say Trans like me conversations for all of us. My Poetry is not a luxury but my poems that touch the heart.


“Today was every yesterday

Recalling is not a necessity”


In this deeply poetry compilation about Trans life and love collection anthology classic book, Author’s searches for life among the aftershocks of his mother’s death, expressing the absurdity of sitting within grief while being resolute to survive beyond it. The Poems start towards the beginning of the Author’s Journey before he realized he was transgender, go on through his progress and transition, and end at where he is today. This assortment and collection of poems offers a confrontationally legitimate look what it’s like to be transgender. This book leads the reader through the Author’s Journey, showing a close look at what it resembles inside a transgender mind.

Poems to break your heart to the poetry of presence an anthology of mindfulness poems of the man god, it’s also a self-love poetry for thinkers and feelers. These are the poems that could end your previous world and bring you to the new one. This poetry speaks who I am who you will be, in simple words its trans meditation. Author burn poetry on fire with clarity and connection how you bring your transgender regrets into your strengths and overcome your stress and improve your mental health.

This book spoke the truths of being trapped in the wrong body and the battles we fight daily both internal and external and the fears we have when out in public. This is a powerful classic poetry LGBTQ transhumanism book and one’s personal look into the heart and mind of transgender. A highly recommended to everyone.

Author’s explores themes of hardship, love, gender, homelessness, gender change, family, and forgiveness with spectacular imagery and a readiness to delve into the consideration of what it means to heal and adopt change in his life. Summers in Laurel Canyon, illustrate with beautiful messages in the form of poetry that you are big enough to wake even the sleepiest heart of yours.

“Spencer Vigil” in his astonishing, debut poetry collection “Summers in Laurel Canyons” also share his intergenerational trauma in order to alter our understanding of freedom, Power, authority, and control. In his Tran’s poems he clarify the complex and disturbing developments of reckoning and recovery, heightened by original poetry that reflect the nonlinear emotive and psychological experiences of trauma survivors. This book help you in reviving and reconfiguring the self love, and finally becomes the vital testimony to the human capacity for resilience, fortitude and love.


“Awake, nightmares sweaty, at night.

Looks for a way to quiet noise inside”


Supernatural, deep-rooted, painful, exuberant, and rapturous; visions of the body, our genders, and our very identities from across the spectrum of living real and motivated poetry come together in this epic intersectional Trans anthology where verse, story and healing unite in spectacular new ways. There are poems that made you cry and some that made you think. As this poetry reminds you: Living your real you is never easy; but it is possible.

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