Serving Sweet Tea (E-book)


โ€˜It is like whispers to the soul.โ€™


Life is like having a cup of tea. If your mug has too much sugar or the tea is not left to infuse, you wouldnโ€™t want to drink it. In the same way, life is a fine mix of various degrees of emotional contentment, personal well-being, job satisfaction, and more. There are also two sides to a soothing cup of tea: you can serve it or accept it gracefully.ย 


Lisa M. Kendrick is an acclaimed author, poetry writer, and teacher and lives in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia, with her family. Serving Sweet Tea is an honest poetry collection about growth, heartbreak, love, and trauma. It is for those who love deeply, hurt easily, but also those who will continue to get up time and time again.ย ย ย 


To enjoy Lisaโ€™s work, we must digest it slowly. The beauty of life lies in the journey, not the destination. Lisa Kendrickโ€™s words empower us to appreciate the goodness in others, learn to make better choices, and experience the revolutionary feeling of trying something that we never have before.ย ย ย 


Serving Sweet Tea is a poem collection of heartbreak and love, but also empowerment, survival, and trying again.

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