New Decade New Beginning (E-book)


New Decade New Beginnings

ยซ 2020

New Decade

New Beginning

Years after graduation

But learning forevermore

Expressing gratitude for acquiring knowledge

Play nice

Be nice

Do not judge books by their covers โ€ฆยป—NEW LIFE by Alex Andy Phuong.

ยซ I am sure about you. I love you. Please.” She says, her words resonating in my head. I say nothing. She continues. “Please can we just start over. Please just give me another chance.” She pleads. I break …ยป—I AM SURE ABOUT YOU by Sydney Richards.

ยซ The new light of a new day

gradually washes the canyon

It comes gradually, it does not

come all at once

The blackness dissolves into gray,

the gray into whiteness, the

white into a palette of colors,

reaching into and surrounded by

blue sky

The world and time move on

What was, always will be …ยป—RENEWAL by Jeffrey Davis.


Alex Andy Phuong, Sydney Richards, Jeffrey Davis, Prashil Surani

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