Mythology (E-book)


Mythology: Powerful Stories to Unleash Your Imagination


Let your imagination run wild with this collection of short stories. Featuring fantasticย characters, worlds, and different moments in time, these tales will keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re reading by the fireplace on a cold winter night or out under the stars, these stories are sure to capture your heart. So, curl up with choose your favorite story and get lost in an enchanted world.


Here are a few stories youโ€™ll love from this book:


  • The War of The Ghosts – Madeline Kramer.
  • Blue Thread – Duane Horton.
  • Reflections of Eurydice Reese Bentzinger.
  • The Odyssey from Athena Point of View – Aly Gerdes.
  • The Seven Sisters – Deirdre Maher.
  • Twice Born Robert Taylor.
  • The Gorgons Smile – Babette Kraft.


And many more, this is the perfect gift for mythology fans of all ages!


Travel to different moments in time and experience the endless excitement and suspense of these heart-stopping tales. Whether you’re relaxing at home or on the go, these stories are the perfect companion for any moment. Get your copy and get started today on this amazing journey!


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