Just One More Minute (E-book)


Ever wondered what would it be like, if, one could practice homeopathy – with words being the medicine instead of that which a homeopath doctor prescribes to their patients?

Micro tales brings out the essence of a story. So that, it is in its purest form.

As an atomic representation it waits for those reading the tale to attach variant meanings, and moulds itself to heal the reader in the best possible manner.

Come, lets dwell into sublimity : of vibrancy, offered in this book.


Malcolm Grayson, Claire Breslow, William Diamond, Becky Benson, Amy Claire Massingale, Brooke Taylor, Violet    Piper, Silvia El Helo, Cathy Hammond, Mark  Robinson, Danielle Chan, Danielle Huffenus, Sally O’Grady, Libby Strain-Thomas, Alisha DP, William “Brent”   Heckler

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