Just Another Minute (E-book)


Just Another Minute: Collection of Best Short Stories.


A chain of crepe paper was strung up for a garden banquet, taut at each end and sagging in the middle. When they arrived, the guests commented on how pretty the paper links were, their colours made vital by the โ€ฆโ€•Grant Price.


Laura, at the advice of her therapist, began writing the issues that bothered her on the small yellow Post-it notes she pulled from the dispenser on her desk, then tearing the paper into quarters, and depositing them in the trash. By mid-morning, bits of paper spilled out of the can and onto the floor at Lauraโ€™s โ€ฆ “Marijean Oldham.



Silence. She listens intently while her eyes adjust to the light. The moonโ€™s glow casts an eerie layer of shadows. Keeping tight to the edge of the room, senses heightened, she is drawn forward. Her desire overriding her fear. From darkness โ€ฆTrevor Flanagan.


Participants In Contest: Lynndee Clingerman, Traci Musick-Shaffer, Ryanna Hammond, Hannah Johnson, Marijean Oldham, Loren Niemi, Christa Planko, Trevor Flanagan, Blake Evans, Shanaaz Faisal.


Lynndee Clingerman, Sarah Phillips, Traci Musick-Shaffer, Ryanna Hammond, Jennifer Minotti, Hannah Johnson, Marijean Oldham, Kyle Ingrid Johnson, Francisco Romero, Grant Price, Loren Niemi, Christa Planko, Alexandra Corden Franklin, Janice Siderius, Delores Quagliata, Trevor Flanagan, Blake Evans, Shanaaz Faisal

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